Consultation + Capacity Building

Inspired by the life's work of Dr. Paul Farmer, we see ourselves as the accompagnateurs to our partners. We are accompanying them on their individual, community, and organizational journeys, helping to advance their mission and amplifying their impact along the way.


Consultative decision-making model

We do the majority of our work in partnership with others. To ensure we don't impose our way of thinking about and approaching questions and problems on our partners, we've collectively committed ourselves to a decision-making model that promotes reciprocity.

A Networked Approach to Capacity Building

Our work began with a steadfast belief in the power of relationships. And it continues with the same unwavering faith in their ability to transform circumstances and contribute to the development and deepening of our individual and collective capacities to catalyze change.

Assessment, Monitoring, and evaluation

Change takes time. Yet to measure our progress, we check in from time to time to see where we are compared to where we've been and to where we want to go. To do that, we use a series of mixed-method tools and tactics that help us triangulate what we've built and what we've learned.