What we do

Our work is simple and complex all at the same time. It's simple because the three buckets below are what you'll most likely find us doing on any given day. Yet it's complex because we work with human beings, people who live in uncertain and resource-constrained environments and who, despite the uncertainty and resource constraints, have committed their lives to bringing about productive social, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, and environmental change. This is how we help…


Consultation + capacity building

Accompanying youth and the grassroots, community-based organizations and initiatives that serve them, we work tirelessly to help build the individual and collective capacities that will amplify the impact of their work. In partnership with foundations and grantmaking organizations, we engage in these efforts to safeguard investment in the long-term sustainability of such grassroots, community-based endeavors.


Knowledge and Action Co-Lab

Combining our curious and creative nature, we're developing a think-tank-meets-design-studio that crystallizes our interests and actions into a series of questions and priorities. Through a continuous process of studying, acting, and reflecting, we seek to answer such questions and create new frameworks that lend themselves to our "critical, contemplative," creative, and coherent communities of practice.


Intern for change

For more than 10 years, we've been creating opportunities for university students to learn beyond the classroom, applying the knowledge gained from their studies in service to humanity. With more than 40 alumni and a growing list of community-based partners around the world, we're engaging an ever-expanding network of youth in the art and practice of what we call, "better world-building diplomacy."