What do we want to learn?

When we think about impact, we think about more than data that's easily presentable in charts and graphs. That's important, of course, but so is learning how we can improve our work.

With that in mind, we ask a lot of questions and seek to find the answers. We've posed a few below—what we're calling our learning agenda. Over time, we'll share our progress in answering these questions as well as reports with more details about our successes and our biggest lessons learned along the way. But for now, we wanted to share these with you. If you have a moment, tell us what you think.

If we’re promoting unity, resilience and well-being, what’s the best way to make these concepts measurable?
What are the similarities between our local and global partners, and how can we share what we learn in one setting to help those in another?
How might we demonstrate to our supporters and stakeholders that we’re achieving our short-term and intermediate outcomes while leaving a lasting impact?