Not all internships are created equal.

Some send you to run errands. Others make it their mission to bore you for 8 hours straight, 12 weeks in a row. We don't want to do either.

We've designed our internship to focus on developing your potential. And we see that development taking place largely through—you guessed it—education. You're still learning and you're still in school, so we don't pretend you have all the answers. Instead, we ask you to commit to a process of studying, acting and reflecting. That way, your work will make the most meaning to you, to your teammates and to those we serve.


WHy intern with us?

For the past 10 years, we've been crafting customized internships for U.S.-based college and university students. Through these internships, young people like you have gone to Kenya, South Africa and elsewhere in the U.S. They've learned about the social, political, economic and health-related issues affecting these corners of the globe, while developing genuine relationships with their peers and other community members living through them each day. More importantly, our interns have participated in a process of making meaning and change alongside an innovative and passionate group of people, and the impact of their collaboration can clearly be seen on the ground.

All this to say, we've been doing this for a while. While we're smaller than other organizations, we are by no means the new kids on the block. We have nearly 30 alumni in our network, and with the interest and intentions of young people like you, we can exponentially expand the number of interns in our program as well as our alumni network in the coming years.


Trade in taking everyone's Starbucks order for a seat at the strategy table.


Executive on ideas that will advance our mission and create change for those we serve.

Intern for Change FAQs

Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, we're not yet at the place where we can pay our interns. Yet we're working hard to make sure this is something we can do in the near and distant future.

How long will the internship last?

Most of our internships last from 8–12 weeks long. Our strategy and assessment interns tend to complete their internship while in school and on campus during the fall or spring. Yet our implementation interns work mostly during the summer months. Still, we're open about the opportunities and happy to consult with you about what will work best given your schedule and ours.

Can I get credit for this internship?

If you're a student at Michigan State University, yes. If not, let's schedule some time to talk. Maybe we can work something out with your college/university. (We're adding new credit-based partnership schools all the time.)