Here’s our orientation program in three simple steps:

  1. Ready

  2. Set

  3. Serve  


Think you’re ready? Quick question: If we played a round of Jeopardy and asked you about the history and culture of your destination, would you get more answers right or more answers wrong? So you can ace the exam, we’ve put together an awesome orientation for you.

In the first phase of your orientation, you'll get the chance to absorb as much as you can about the country and community in which you’ll be living and working, including:

  • History

  • Geography

  • Culture

  • Politics

  • Community

  • Partner


In the second phase, we’ll share with you all that we know about building effective teams and completing projects, combining the ideas of adaptive and translational leadership with the human-centered design (thinking) process.


In the third phase, you’ll design the project you plan to complete in the field with your team and our partner(s).