We strive to make our fees as straightforward and simple as possible. We don't want to break anyone's bank, and we surely don't want people to go into large amounts of debt to participate in our program. That said, we've designed our program fee structure according to the income level/class bracket associated with your household.

Important tip: You're gonna need mom and dad or your caregiver(s) for help with this one.

Using the calculator designed by the Pew Research Center, enter the information for your household (i.e., the state in which you live, the metropolitan area closest to your home, your household income before taxes, and the number of people in your household). Take a screenshot of the results and upload it as part of your application to our program. We'll use the screenshot and the income level/class bracket in which you fall to determine your program fee. Currently, this is our plan:

  • If you fall in the upper-class category, you'll pay $7,000 for an 8–12 week internship.
  • If you fall in the middle-class category, you'll pay $3,500 for an 8–12 week internship.
  • If you fall in the lower-/working-class category or you live below the poverty line, you won't pay anything at all.

Regardless of where you fall, we'll provide you with as much help as we possibly can. We'll remind you of scholarship and grant opportunities specific to your college/university as well as those that are open to anyone, at any school. We'll also help you navigate the process of applying for financial aid at your particular institution. We'll even set up a fundraising page for you to ask family and friends to contribute to your program fee and/or any other costs associated with your internship experience through our program (e.g., tuition [if you're choosing to or need academic credit], airfare, food, and discretionary funds/spending money). More importantly, we'll work with our partners, like Key Travel, to get you the best deals on airfare and travel arrangements.

Of course, if you have any questions about our fee structure, feel free to call or email us at (517) 614-7325 or As for Paul. He will help.

Program Fee FAQs

Okay, so you may be thinking: Why should I pay for an internship to begin with? That's fair, except for when you consider a few facts.

  1. You'll go through an orientation that will help you hit the ground running—no matter if you're interning in the U.S. or South Africa.
  2. Through the orientation, you'll meet peers who will be serving with you or serving in another location.
  3. You'll get round-the-clock support from our teams on the ground and the folks at our headquarters in Michigan.
  4. Best of all, you'll gain access to a network of alumni who have used their internship experience to get into grad school or land a job in their field.

So it's less about paying for the internship and more about paying for the network, the experience and the connections you'll get as a result of your service to humanity.