On this World AIDS Day, we know we've done a lot. Yet there's more we can do, together.

A lot has changed since we started.

More than 10 years ago, we started working on HIV/AIDS issues with our partners at VVOCF. At the time, neither of us were verifiable nonprofits. Still, we rolled up our sleeves to ask questions, address problems and help children, youth and families affected by the disease.

We've seen a lot happen in the short time we've worked together. People who had little to no access to live-saving drugs can now live long, healthy lives. Children who lost one or more parents to AIDS-related complications now have these adults guiding them as they grow up. And communities ravaged by the disease are repairing themselves.

The role we've played in partnership with VVOCF to promote these societal shifts has been small, yet significant. Together, we've given more than 30 HIV+ children and youth a chance at life and supported countless families affected by the disease. We've fed them, nourishing their bodies, their spirits and their minds. And, most remarkably, we've redefined what it means to build community.

And there's more we can do, together.

Our success doesn't mean our work is done, and today is a reminder of that. As we reflect on our progress and give honor and gratitude to our kindred spirits in this fight and to all those who lost their lives in this struggle, we thank you for what you've done to help us #MakeAChange. We thank you for the services you've rendered, for the time and energy you've so freely given and for the dollars you've donated with such generosity.

And we invite you to continue with us on this journey, supporting strategies new and old that will #MakeAChange in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

With love and gratitude,

All of us @ GYEC!

Paul Brown